5.2. Descent Check

The purpose of the Descent Check is to transition from cruise flight to the descent in preparation for arrival. In order to address some of the items that were affected during the After Take-off check, the Descent Check shall be completed any time that an After Take-off check was done. A Descent Check, therefore, need not be done for short flights where a "Downwind Check" is to be done. The Descent Check is ideally completed before commencing the first descent from cruising altitude. Depending on circumstance, it may be appropriate to carry out some of the descent before completing the descent check. For example, a very early, but small, descent initiated by ATC to facilitate traffic flow would not necessarily trigger the Descent Check. However, the Descent Check must be done in sufficient time to permit completion of the remaining checks before landing. The expanded Descent Check follows.

  • Pressurization — Set
    • Set cabin pressurization controller to destination altitude and altimeter setting. Check cabin rate at default setting or select computed descent rate if required.
  • Landing Data — Computed & placarded
  • Approach Review Procedure — Complete
    • The format in the section titled Approach Review Procedure should be used.
  • Passenger Briefing — Complete
    • The format in the section titled Passenger Briefing shall be used for this briefing.
  • Descent Check — Complete

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