6.8. After Flight Duties

  1. Arrival Reports — The Pilot is to make any required arrival reports.
  2. Aeroplane Security — When the Aeroplane is not to be flown for a significant period (such as at the end of a work day), particularly if it will be unattended, it is to be secured. The pilot is responsible for its security. The
    1. installation of pitot and static vent covers;
    2. installation of stall warning sensor guards;
    3. installation of intake covers;
    4. installation of landing gear and gear door safety pins;
    5. installation of wheel chocks;
    6. locking of Aeroplane doors and hatches;
    7. grounding the Aeroplane;
    8. tying down the Aeroplane (if required);
    9. installation of wing, and stabilizer covers.

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