7.1. Introduction

  1. General — The contents of this chapter pertain to the operations during abnormal and emergency situations. It is impossible to develop guidance and procedures to deal with all situations. The judgement, skill, and training of all persons involved are necessary to bring an abnormal or emergency situation to a safe conclusion. The guidance in this chapter is in the form of instructions, expanded checklists, detailed procedures, or a combination of all of these. Unless safety is jeopardized they shall be applied in the handling of Abnormal and Emergency situations.
  2. Publications — These SCSOPs have been developed to provide as much guidance as practical for handling Abnormal and Emergency situations. Obviously, it is not possible to deal with all situations. Accordingly, it may be appropriate to refer to other publications such as:
    1. [Aeroplane Manufacturer] [Aeroplane Type] approved Aeroplane Flight Manual (AFM) (additional guidance on the relationship of the SCSOPs and the AFM can be found in the General chapter);
    2. [Operator's Company Name] Operations Manual;
    3. Canada Air Pilot (CAP);
    4. Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) Canada;
    5. Canada Flight Supplement.

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