7.30. Spin Recovery

[In this section discuss the procedures for recovery from an impending spin. The aim in spin recovery is to upset the balance between the aerodynamic and inertia moments. Due to the fact that Aeroplane spin characteristics differ, recovery techniques specified in the Aeroplane Flight Manual must be followed.]

[In our example, the procedure is suitable for most small Aeroplane and may be used in the absence of manufacturer's data.]

  1. Spin Recovery Procedure — The following procedure should be used to recover from a spin.
    1. Power to idle
    2. Neutralize Ailerons
    3. Apply and hold full rudder opposite to the direction of rotation.
    4. Just after the rudder reaches the stop, move the control column positively forward far enough to break the stall. Full down elevator may be required.
    5. Hold these control inputs until rotation stops.
    6. As rotation stops, neutralize rudder, level the wings, and recover smoothly from the resulting dive.

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