7.6 Single Engine Piston Aeroplane, Engine Failure - During Take Off, After Vr

[Depending on the characteristics of your Aeroplane, it may be appropriate to combine the procedures and drills/checks for After Take-off and In Flight into one check. The following is for a fictitious Aeroplane. You will have to develop procedures for your Aeroplane in accordance with the AFM.]

The following is the procedure, and expanded drill and check, to be carried out in the event of a Single Engine Aeroplane Engine Failure/Fire - During Take-off, After Vr

* Aeroplane Control Fly The Aeroplane Maintain Directional Control
* Airspeed Set up best glide speed
* Select a landing Site Plan the approach.
* Cause Check Only if time and altitude permit ( fuel on, Fuel Pumps On, Primer Locked, Mixture Rich, All Switches as Required )
* MAYDAY MAYDAY MAYDAY May be a blind Emergency radio transmission commencing with.
* Mixture To Idle Cutoff
* Fuel Selector Valve Off
* Ignition Switch Off
* Flaps Gear as required
* Master Switch Off
* Brief Passengers
* Prepare For Forced Landing EVACUATE

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