7.7. Multi Engine Aeroplane, Engine Failure - During Take Off, After Vr

[Depending on the characteristics of your Aeroplane, it may be appropriate to combine the procedures and drills/checks for After Take-off and In Flight into one check. The following is for a fictitious Aeroplane. You will have to develop procedures for your Aeroplane in accordance with the AFM.]

The following is the procedure, and expanded drill and check, to be carried out in the event of a Multi Engine Aeroplane Engine Failure/Fire - During Take-off, After Vr

* Aeroplane Control Fly the Aeroplane
* Control Yaw Roll Airspeed
Achieve a speed of Vyse ( blueline) until flap retraction. Attempt to achieve the optimum attitude which is the slip/skid ball ½ ball width away from the live engine and 5o of bank into the live engine.
* Both Mixture Full Rich advance both mixture levers
* Both Propellers Full Forward/Fine advance both propellers levers
* Both Throttles Full Forward advance both throttles levers
* Drag Check Landing Gear UP Flaps Up
* Identify Inoperative Engine deadfoot dead engine, engine gauges
* Verify Inoperative Engine by reducing throttle of the suspected inoperative engine
* Feather The propeller on Inoperative engine.
* Cause Check If time and altitude permit, attempt to assess and correct problem using appropriate checklists. Then advance throttle to determine if engine is developing power.
* Secure Engine
Throttle lever Inop Engine to Idle.
Propeller lever Inop Engine to Feather
Mixture Lever Inop Engine Cut off
Complete the check list and monitor operating engine and its related systems
Brief Passengers

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