7.9. Engine Failure/Fire - In Flight

[Depending on the characteristics of your Aeroplane, it may be appropriate to combine the procedures and drills/checks for Engine Failure/Fire After Take-off and In Flight into one check. The format in the section for Engine Failure/Fire - After V1, may or may not be suitable for an Engine Failure/Fire - In Flight drill for your Aeroplane. An expanded checklist may be more applicable. You will have to develop procedures for your Aeroplane in accordance with the AFM.]

The checks and drills for an Engine Failure/Fire - In Flight apply to all phases of flight other than take-off, and include during Missed Approach. The following is the expanded drill and check.


[Insert procedures that are used in your operation that are applicable to your Aeroplane as per the Aeroplane Flight Manual ]

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