Advisory Circulars (CBAACs)

Please note: All documents issued after 01 Feb 2007 are available on the Online Reference Centre.

The following is a list of Commercial and Business Aviation Advisory Circulars (CBAACs) relating to Aviation Occupational Health and Safety. Click HERE to view the complete list of CBAACs.

CBAACs are now available in Portable Document Format (PDF). This version allows viewing of the original CBAAC format including revision marks. CBAACs published before 2004 are not available through this version at this time. To view documents available in PDF, you will need a copy of Adobe® Acrobat Reader. This reader is available free of charge from Adobe's® Web site.

0228 2004.03.25 Approval Process for Air Operators to offer their own courses in First Aid Word Format (59.05 kb - 16 secs) (Cancelled)
0216R 2004.01.20 Storage, Labelling, Handling and Application of De-Icing/Anti-Icing Fluids Word Format (114.39 kb - 32 secs)
0208R 2005.05.20 Air Operators' Responsibilities with Respect to Potable Water Systems on Board Aircraft Word Format (56.45 kb - 16 secs)
0202R 2004.05.12 Employer and Employee Rights and Responsibilities, with respect to Employees Refusing to Work in Dangerous Situations Word Format (100.06 kb - 28 secs)
0191 2001.09.14 Amendments to Part II of the Canada Labour Code, Occupational Health and Safety
0183R 2006.04.28 Measures for Managing Exposure to Cosmic Radiation of Employees Working On Board Aircraft

Word Format (97 kb - 25  secs)
0178R 2005.09.16 Disinsection on Board Aircraft (Cancelled)
0171 2000.03.02 Process for Air Operators When Hiring Pilots
0140 1998.05.12 The Aviation Occupational Safety and Health (A-OSH) Program (Cancelled)
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