ACP / AQP Bulletins

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NOTE – Bulletins issued prior to 2012 made no references to an Advanced Qualification Program (AQP), even though the intent of various amendments published since the inception of this bulletin board also applied to it. Therefore, any new bulletin published subsequent to Bulletin 02/11 will state if they apply to the ACP program, to an AQP, or to both.

Temporary Bulletins

Bulletins are issued from time to time to communicate policy and procedural changes that occur periodically and that need to be implemented in a timely manner. These bulletins are distributed by electronic means and may be printed on contrasting paper such as blue paper. They are to be inserted in the Bulletin section of TP 6533 – ACP Manual and/or TP 14672 – AQP Evaluator Manual as applicable, or copies kept with TP 14727 – PPC and Aircraft Type Rating Flight Test Guide (Aeroplane) and/or TP 14728 – PPC and Aircraft Type Rating Flight Test Guide (Helicopter) where necessary. Bulletins will remain in effect until cancelled or integrated into the applicable guidance document(s) at the subsequent amendment cycle.

List of Effective Bulletins
Bulletin No. Subject Date Status Documents
01/16 Steep Turns during Helicopter PPCs February 10/2016 In Effect Doc Pdf
(Revision 1)
Instrument Rating - Exemption to CAR 401.03(1)(b) and CAR 401.48 (NCR 040-2015) February 22/2016 In Effect Doc Pdf
02/14 Misinterpretation of recurrent training requirements for Type A ACPs conducting Pilot Proficiency Checks (PPC) under Visual Flight Rules (VFR) April 25/14 In Effect Doc Pdf
01/14 Amendment to TP14727/14728 – PPC and Aircraft Type Rating Flight Test Guides and TP14672 - AQP Evaluator Manual, with respect to the assessment of Stabilized Constant Descent Angle (SCDA) approach techniques; approaches to stall; and approaches flown to Localizer Performance with Vertical guidance (LPV) minima June 1/14 In Effect Doc Pdf
01/13 Update with respect to the general qualifications and suitability profiles of Approved Check Pilot (ACP) candidates January 1/13 In Effect Doc Pdf
02/12 Amendment to the policy governing recurrent monitoring intervals January 1/13 In Effect Doc Pdf
01/12 Flight crew concept and the notion of jeopardy for a seat substitute during a multi-crew Pilot Proficiency Check (PPC) or Line Operational Evaluation (LOE) November 21/12 In Effect Doc Pdf
02/11 Clarification of national policy with regards to action taken under subsections 6.71(1) and 7.1(1) of the Aeronautics Act (the Act), and subsection 401.17(1) of the Canadian Aviation Regulations. December 19/11 In Effect Doc Pdf
01/11 Expiry date of ACP Delegation of Authority letters when renewing ACP privileges December 19/11 In Effect Doc Pdf
01/10 Initiation of suspension procedures October 1/10 In Effect Doc Pdf
09/08 CASI briefing November 1/08 In Effect Doc Pdf
08/08 Failure of a PPC and Partial and Retest June 1/08 In Effect Doc Pdf
07/08 ACP's PPC June 1/08 In Effect Doc Pdf
06/08 ACP invalid authority June 1/08 In Effect Doc Pdf
05/08 ACP limit of authority February 1/08 In Effect Doc Pdf
02/08 B Type ACP January 1/08 In Effect Doc Pdf
01/08 General Assessment Failed January 1/08 In Effect Doc Pdf
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