Approved Check Pilot (ACP) Course

The ACP Course is designed to inform participants of the latest developments pertaining to the performance of flight evaluations. The course focus is on the process of conducting flight checks (pilot proficiency checks, including the

  • pre-flight activities including the flight check briefing,
  • the flight check and associated performance standards upon which flight check sequences are assessed, and
  • post-flight activities including the debriefing and completion of flight check documentation.

The ACP (Initial) Course also places emphasis on instrument flight rules and procedures as well as practical application wherein course participants have the opportunity to conduct two flight check grading sessions.

The ACP (Recurrent) Course provides an update of the approved check pilot program including policy and procedural changes, check pilot issues arising from the ACP Workshop and any other information pertinent to flight checking. Participants also have the opportunity to grade a series of flight check scenarios.

ACP Courses are conducted by Transport Canada and by organizations approved by Transport Canada.

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