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Change My Address on My Certificate of Registration? (TP 13305)

  You must:
Basic Requirement
  • notify Transport Canada, Civil Aviation, in writing, within seven (7) days of your change of address;
  • activate the interim registration.
Interim Registration
  • enter your new address on the application located on the Certificate of Registration and sign the application form in ink;
  • print your new address and the effective date of the change in the appropriate boxes on the Interim Certificate of Registration;
  • provide the Certificate of Registration to the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office; and
  • retain the Interim Certificate of Registration on board the aircraft.
Validity Period
The Interim Certificate of Registration is valid until the earliest of:
  1. the last day of the three month period following the change of address;
  2. the day on which there is a transfer of any part of the legal custody and control of the aircraft; and
  3. the day the Certificate of Registration reflecting your new address is issued.
Document Obtained You will receive a Certificate of Registration in the mail from Transport Canada, Civil Aviation reflecting your new address.
Fee Payment There is no fee for the reissuance of a Certificate of Registration for a change of address.
Co-Registered Owners For specific information on how to change your address if there are two or more aircraft owners, please refer to: – How do I co-register an aircraft? (TP 13276E)
For Further Information
  NOTE: If you have an earlier version of the Certificate of Registration, which does not have an Interim Certificate of Registration, you cannot activate an Interim Certificate of Registration for change of address purposes. If this is the case, then you must inform the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office, in writing, of your new address. Transport Canada, Civil Aviation will issue you a temporary Certificate of Registration which will allow you to return your Certificate of Registration and to continue operating your aircraft. There is no fee payable for a temporary Certificate of Registration issued solely for purposes of an address change.
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