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"Re-register" an Aircraft in My Name? (TP 13277)

  You must:
Basic Requirement
  • apply to Transport Canada, Civil Aviation to register your aircraft;
  • provide aircraft-specific documentation with the application;
  • pay the applicable fee.
Registration Application Documentation
  • obtain the Certificate of Registration from the last owner;
  • complete the application form on the Certificate of Registration (form 26-0478);
  • attach continuous proof of ownership documents from the last registered owner to yourself (e.g. bill of sale);
  • include fee payment;
  • provide the Certificate of Registration with the completed application (Application for Registration of Aircraft (form 26-0522) or Application for Registration of Ultra-light or Advanced Ultra-light Aeroplanes (26-0521), to complete the PDF forms, you will need to download them to your computer), attachments and fee to the appropriate Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office in your region.
Note: For an advanced ultra-light aeroplane only, attach a completed Fit for Flight Form (FFFF) which you can obtain from any Transport Canada, Civil Aviation office.
Document Obtained You will receive a Certificate of Registration in your name in the mail from Transport Canada, Civil Aviation.
Fee Payment There is a $110.00 fee for registering your aircraft, payable to the Receiver General for Canada.
Interim Registration See below for information on activating the Interim Certificate of Registration.
For Further Information
  • contact any office at: Regional Offices;
  • view Part II of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) and associated standard on aircraft registration at: Canadian Aviation Regulations;
  • call the Transport Canada, Civil Aviation Communications Centre at 1-800-305-2059.

Interim Certificate of Registration


Once registration and application requirements have been met, you can activate the Interim Certificate of Registration on the Certificate of Registration obtained from the last registered owner. This allows you to operate the aircraft while waiting for the new Certificate of Registration.

To activate the Interim Certificate of Registration, you must:

  • complete the name, address and date of transfer of custody and control portion of the Interim Certificate of Registration;
  • retain the Interim Certificate of Registration on board the aircraft.

Validity Period

The Interim Certificate of Registration is valid until:

  1. the last day of the three month period following the sale of the aircraft by the last registered owner;
  2. the day on which there is a further transfer of custody and control;
  3. the day on which the continuing Certificate of Registration is received.

Note: If you have an earlier version of the Certificate of Registration which does not have the Interim Certificate of Registration application, you cannot activate an Interim Certificate of Registration for re-registration purposes. You must have the aircraft registered in your name and have received your new Certificate of Registration or a temporary Certificate of Registration prior to operating the aircraft.

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