1.0 General Information

1.1  Purpose

The purpose of this staff instruction is to provide Inspectors with the information, procedures and guidelines necessary to process an application and issue a Special Flight Operations Certificate - Balloons required by Part VI, Subpart 3, Division II of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

This staff instruction has been prepared in line with the functional authority and direction given by Headquarters as the delegated Functional Specialist for Special Flight Operations to ensure common application of policies, directives, standards and procedures within Transport Canada. These instructions will aid Headquarters and Regional staff by providing guidelines and advice in their activities with regard to national policies, directives and standards. Please ensure that all personnel, directly or indirectly concerned with Special Flight Operations are informed and apply these procedures as contained in this staff instruction.

Recommendations for improvements or questions pertaining to the information contained in this staff instruction should be forwarded to the Special Flight Operations division of the General Aviation branch:

6th Floor, Place de Ville, Tower C
330 Sparks Street,
Ottawa, ON
K1A 0N8

1.2  Reference Material

  • Canadian Aviation Regulations - Part VI, Subpart 3 - Special Flight Operations
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations - Part VI, Subpart 2 - Operating and Flight Rules
  • Canadian Aviation Regulations - Part VI, Subpart 6 - Miscellaneous - Liability Insurance
  • General Operating and Flight Rules Standards 623 - Special Flight Operations - Division II
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