2.0 Review of an Application

2.1  Applicability

The staff instructions contained in this document apply to all applications for a Special Flight Operations Certificate - Balloons.

2.2  Regulatory Background

Section 603.17 of the CARs identifies the prohibition of the carriage of fare-paying passengers in balloons without compliance with the provisions of a Special Flight Operations Certificate - Balloons.

Section 603.18 of the CARs gives the requirement for an application to be submitted in the form and manner required by the Special Flight Operations Standards.

Section 623.18 of the Special Flight Operations Standards outlines the information that constitutes an application for the Special Flight Operations Certificate. An application form specific to this request has not been produced and is not planned An applicant may submit the required information in any format he or she chooses.

2.3  Procedures

Upon receipt of an application, an individual regional 6605 file shall be activated for each applicant. The file number assigned to the file will be the number of used to identify the Special Flight Operations Certificate as referred to in subsection 603.19(b) of the CARs.

The application shall be reviewed to ensure all the information required has been submitted. An applicant shall be notified of any missing information as soon as possible.

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