3.0 Issuing the Special Flight Operations Certificate

3.1  General

When an applicant's submission has been reviewed and it is determined that all the requirements of the CARs and Standards have been met, the Special Flight Operations Certificate - Balloons shall be prepared for the signature of the Regional Manager, General Aviation. All documentation used to support the issuance of Special Flight Operations Certificate should be presented to a Manager in an orderly and comprehensive manner for his or her review.

3.2  Special Flight Operations Certificate

All Special Flight Operations Certificates - Balloons shall be issued in a standard letter format using Transport Canada, Safety And Security letterhead as outlined below.

The letter shall be addressed to the applicant as indicated in the application.

  1. The date of issue shall be entered on the letter.

  2. Enter the number corresponding to the regional 6605 file.

  3. Following the appropriate salutation (e.g. Dear Sir etc), the following wording shall be used in all Special Flight Operations Certificates - Balloons issued.

Pursuant to section 603.18 of the Canadian Aviation Regulations this constitutes your Special Flight Operations Certificate to operate balloons with fare-paying passengers carried on board. Issued under the authority of the Minister pursuant to the Aeronautics Act, it certifies that the Balloon Operator is adequately equipped and able to conduct a safe balloon operation carrying fare-paying passengers, subject to the observance and performance by the Balloon Operator of the conditions set out in this certificate, or any part thereof.

1.  This certificate:

  1. is issued to (enter name of operator as indicated on the application);

  2. may be suspended or cancelled at any time by the Minister for cause, including failure on the part of the Balloon Operator, its servants or agents to comply with the provisions of the Aeronautics Act and the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs); and

  3. is not transferable and shall remain valid until suspended or cancelled.

Nothing in this certificate shall be held to relieve the Balloon Operator from compliance with the provisions of such Canadian Aviation Documents as may have been issued pursuant to the Aeronautics Act

2.  The Balloon Operator shall:

  1. maintain balloons that are properly equipped for the area of operation and type of operation;

  2. maintain its balloons in accordance with the requirements of Part VI, Subpart 5 of the CARs;

  3. employ flight crew members who meet the requirements of section 623.21 of the Special Flight Operations Standards;

  4. ensure all passengers are given a passenger briefing in accordance with section 623.22 of the Special Flight Operations Standards; and

  5. conduct a safe operation.

3.  External carriage of passengers is prohibited.

4.  Except for the purpose of making a parachute descent, leaving a balloon in flight is prohibited.

5.  This certificate is valid for the operation of:

  1. enter the type and AX class of balloons applicable, e.g. hot air balloons AX-7, AX-9 and AX 12;

  2. enter the description and registration of all special shape balloons applicable, e.g. Tony the Tiger C --F***, Papa Smurf - N9****;

  3. enter the registration of all foreign balloons applicable.
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