Section One - General Information


The purpose of this staff instruction is to provide Inspectors with the information, procedures and guidelines necessary to process an application and issue a Special Flight Operations Certificate - parachuting (over or into a built-up area or an open-air assembly of persons) required by Part VI, Subpart 3, Division III of the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

This staff instruction has been prepared in line with the functional authority and direction given by the Headquarters Special Flight Operations division which is the delegated Functional Specialist for Special Flight Operations. It will ensure common application of policies, directives, standards and procedures within Transport Canada. This staff instruction will aid Headquarters and Regional staff by providing guidelines and advice in their activities with regard to national policies, directives and standards. Please ensure that all personnel, directly or indirectly concerned with Special Flight Operations are informed and apply these procedures as contained in this staff instruction.

Recommendations for improvements or questions pertaining to the information contained in this staff instruction should be forwarded to the Special Flight Operations division of the General Aviation branch:

6th Floor, Place de Ville, Tower C
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Ottawa, ON
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Reference Material

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  • Special Flight Operations Procedures - The Review and Processing of an Application for A Special Flight Operations Certificate - Parachuting - Parachute Descents In or Into Controlled Airspace or an Air Route
  • Canadian Sport Parachuting Association - Parachute Information Manual (PIM) - Part One


Parachute descents over or into a built-up area or an open-air assembly of persons (demo-jumps) are usually carried out for the purpose of showcasing the sport. Demo-jumps provide an opportunity for members of the parachuting community to bring their sport close to the public at a variety of venues. With increased exposure the sport of parachuting is receiving from popular movies and "extreme competitions" on television, requests for demo-jumps appear to be on the rise. In approving an application for a demo-jump, the Minister has the added responsibility of ensuring the activity takes place without adding undue risk to persons and property on the ground. This risk is managed by setting minimum standards for parachutist qualifications, parachute equipment, parachute packing and the parachute landing area.

If the parachute descent is to be initiated or conducted in controlled airspace, the requirements as outlined in the Special Flight Operations Procedures - Parachuting In or Into Controlled Airspace or an Air Route also apply.

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