Section Three - Issuing the Authorization


When an organizer's submission has been reviewed and it is determined that the requirements of the Standards have been met, a letter of authorization shall be prepared for the signature of the Regional Superintendent, General Aviation.

Standard Format for a Letter of Authorization - Pilot Recurrent Training Program

All Letters of Authorization - Pilot Recurrent Training Programs shall be issued in a standard letter format using Transport Canada letterhead as outlined below.

  1. The letter shall be addressed to the organizer as listed or named in the request for approval.
  2. The date of issue shall be entered on the letter.
  3. Enter the number corresponding to the regional file and RDIMS number.
  4. Following the appropriate salutation (e.g. Dear Sir etc.), the following wording shall be used in all Letters of Authorization for this activity.


Thank you for providing an outline for the upcoming (name of course/seminar/ program if there is one, or just recurrent training program), scheduled to be held in (location) on (date).

We understand that the program for your (name of course/seminar/program) has been designed to update (aeroplane, balloon, glider, etc. as applicable) pilots’ knowledge in the areas (list subjects). Your (name of course/seminar/program) is hereby approved in accordance with CAR 421.05(2)(c).  Those licensed pilots who successfully complete the seminar will have complied with the requirement to complete a recurrent training program as specified in CAR 401.05(2)(a).

In order to demonstrate compliance with CAR 401.08(1), participants must retain a record in their personal logs of the date on which they successfully completed the recurrent training program.  (Enter name of organizer) should retain records of the (name of course/ seminar/program) date, the program covered and the name of participants who successfully completed the program.  In addition, (name of organizer) should retain a record of the names of participants who did not successfully complete the program, and the reason(s) for not being successful.  This record is to be kept for not less than 24 months after the date of the recurrent training program.

As previously agreed, a Transport Canada officer will be assigned to observe and monitor the program (this statement may not be necessary or may need adjustment in the case of a ongoing recurrent program).

Yours truly,

Insert the appropriate signature block
for the Minister of Transport

Ongoing Recurrent Programs

In most cases, approvals for recurrent programs are made on a program-by-program basis. However, some industry organizations have sought approval for programs that are ongoing. In this case, an additional statement should be added to the letter of authorization, as follows:

"The (enter office location) Regional General Aviation office should be notified of course dates and locations no later than ten (10) working days in advance of the proposed course.  Any changes to the course content will have to be formally approved by Transport Canada".

Ultimately, participants who attend recurrent training programs every two years should not be subjected to the identical course they received two years previous. Organizers should be looking at updating their programs every year.  Therefore, normally the valid-to-date of programs that are routinely offered will be one year, and in no cases more than two years.  An additional statement in the letter of authorization will need to be included, appearing after “Your course is hereby approved in accordance with CAR 421.05(2)(c)”, that reads:

"This approval remains valid until (enter valid to date)".

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