Section Four - Record Keeping



The program organizer should retain for a period of 24 months, after the course date, records of the name of the course/seminar/program date, the program covered and the course/seminar/program participants.

Note:  In the past some organizers have told us that they will be issuing certificates as proof of recency training (walled sized or otherwise). While we do not discourage certificates being given out, what constitutes proof of a pilot being current is a logbook entry, not a certificate. Organizers may need to be reminded to make this point clear with their course participants.

Pilot participants

Pilots are required under paragraph 401.08(1)(b) CAR to maintain a personal log for the documentation of recency. Therefore, in order to demonstrate their compliance, participants must retain a record in their personal logs of the date on which they successfully completed the recurrent training program.

Transport Canada


Follow the RDIMS naming convention for these documents.

However, for consistency across Regions, please include CAR 421.05(2)(c) in the Name field of the RDIMS profile so that a search under recurrent training programs will reveal the programs authorized under 421.05(2)(c).

For example:  Recurrent Training Program 421.05(2)(c) Letter of Approval XYZ Flying Club 25 December, 2005

ARASS & Frequency of Inspection & Monitoring

ARASS Operational Task 24D023 - Monitor Recreational Aviation

"Review organization file as required, visit site, attend all briefings/de-briefings, monitor the operation/event, inspect the facilities as required. Complete the monitor report and follow-up on findings".

The Frequency of Inspection Policy Document calls for 10% of recreational aviation operations (all fly-ins, advanced ultra-light aeroplane manufacturers and industry sponsored training sessions) to be monitored each year. It is expected that regions will achieve the overall 10% monitoring requirement by monitoring 10% of each of the listed types of operations. Therefore, at least some of the recurrent training programs that have been approved in a region should be monitored each year.

It is recommended that the decision whether or not to monitor a particular program is decided in advance of issuing the authorization so that a reference to the monitor can be made in the letter and appropriate arrangements can be made with the organizer.

One of the reasons for the organizers of ongoing programs to notify the Regional office of when the courses are being offered/conducted is to allow Inspectors the opportunity to monitor the course to ensure that the course content submitted matches what is actually delivered.

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