Technical Arrangements - JAA

TCCA-JAA Generic Arrangement on Certification under JAR-21 Subpart N

Appendix F/G


1.0 Production Quality System.

All products, parts, and appliances exported under the provisions of these Procedures shall be produced in accordance with a production quality system, which ensures conformity to the approved design of the [NAA] and ensures that completed products are in a condition for safe operation. This production quality system covers the fabrication of products, parts, and appliances within and outside of the country of export.

1.1 Surveillance of Production Activities.

1.1.0 TCCA , as exporting authority, shall conduct regulatory surveillance of manufacturers, and their suppliers, in accordance with the TCCA's specific policies, practices, and/or procedures. Both ongoing and scheduled evaluations should be conducted to verify that the manufacturer is in continual compliance with its production quality system, manufacturing products, parts, and appliances which fully conform to the approved design, and are in a condition for safe operation.

1.1.2 TCCA production approval and supplier surveillance programs are described in The manual of Regulatory Audits TP8606E Part 2 Chapters 2 and 3. The manufacturer's responsibilities for surveillance of suppliers is described in CAR 561.14.

1.2 Extensions of Production Approvals.

1.2.0 When a production approval has been granted or extended by TCCA, as exporting authority, to include manufacturing sites and facilities for parts, components, and subassemblies, in an NAA country or in a third country, the TCCA remains responsible for the surveillance and oversight of these manufacturing sites and facilities.

1.2.1 The TCCA may seek assistance from the civil airworthiness authority of a third country in the undertaking of TCCA regulatory surveillance and oversight functions when a production approval has been granted or extended by formal agreement/arrangement to that third country.

1.3 Supplier Surveillance - Outside the Exporting Country.

1.3.0 The TCCA, as exporting authority, shall include in their regulatory surveillance and oversight programs a means of surveilling their manufacturer's suppliers who are located outside the exporting country. This surveillance and oversight program for suppliers located outside of Canada will be equivalent to that program for domestic suppliers. This surveillance activity will assist the TCCA in determining conformity to approved design and whether parts are safe for installation on type certificated products.

1.3.1 The TCCA is responsible for surveillance and oversight of its manufacturers' suppliers located in the other country. Routine surveillance and oversight may be delegated by TCCA to JAA (NAA).

1.3.2 The TCCA may seek assistance from a third country civil airworthiness authority at the supplier's location when an agreement has been formalised with that authority in the undertaking of TCCA regulatory surveillance and oversight functions at suppliers to manufacturers of the exporting country.

1.3.3 The manufacturer may not use a supplier in a country where the authority of the manufacturer is denied unimpeded access, by either the supplier or the supplier's civil aviation authority, to the supplier's facility to perform surveillance activities.

1.4 JAR-21 N5 Arrangement Recordkeeping Requirements.

In accordance with CAR 5.11 for TC holders, and CAR561.15, for Production Approval Holders , these approval holders are required to maintain production records identified with the completed product, part, or appliance. They are required to retain them in order to provide the information necessary to ensure continued airworthiness and to hold them for access by the TCCA. This information is available from the approval holders via the TCCA upon request from the [NAA].

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