Technical Arrangements - JAA

TCCA-JAA Generic Arrangement on Certification under JAR-21 Subpart N

Appendix K


1.1 New Parts, Including Modification and/or Replacement Parts.
  1. The NAA shall accept a TCCA Authorised Release Certificate on a new part, including a modification and/or replacement part, only when the TCCA certifies that each part:
    1. Is eligible for installation in a product or appliance which has been granted a NAA design approval.
    2. Conforms to [NAA]-approved design data and is safe for installation;
    3. Is marked in accordance with Appendix Q of this Arrangement; and
    4. Meets all additional requirements prescribed by the NAA, as notified.
  2. All new parts exported to the NAA with TCCA airworthiness approval will have an Authorized Release Certificate TCCA 24-0078. The Authorized Release Certificate shall contain the following certifying statement: "Certifies that the items identified above were manufactured in conformity to approved design data and are in condition for safe operation".

Note: STC and J-TSO parts are not yet covered by this Arrangement (Appendix E and O are TBD).

1.2 Acceptance of Standard Parts.


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