Technical Arrangements - JAA

TCCA-JAA Generic Arrangement on Certification under JAR-21 Subpart N

Appendix N


New Aircraft Engines and Propellers.
  1. The [NAA] as importing authority shall accept TCCA's Authorised Release Certificate on new aircraft engines and propellers, only when the exporting authority certifies that each new aircraft engine or propeller:
    1. Conforms to a type design approved by the [NAA], as specified in the [NAA's] type certificate data sheet;
    2. Is in a condition for safe operation, including compliance with applicable importing authority Airworthiness Directives, as notified;
    3. Has undergone a final operational check; and
    4. Meets all additional requirements prescribed by the [NAA's] as notified.
  2. Each new aircraft engine or propeller exported to [NAA country] with TCCA airworthiness approval will have an TCCA Form 24-0078 — Authorized Relase Certificate, issued in accordance with the requirements of CAR 561.11 . The TCCA Form 24-0078 should contain the following statement: "Certifies that the items identified above were manufactured in conformity to approved design data and are in condition for safe operation."
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