Technical Arrangements - JAA

TCCA-JAA Generic Arrangement on Certification under JAR-21 Subpart N

Appendix Q


  1. Each JAA certified / validated aircraft, aircraft engine, and propeller must be identified as required in JAR-21 Subpart N-Q.
  2. Each critical component of a product must be identified with a part number (or equivalent) and serial number (or equivalent).
  3. Each part, appliance and article of a design approved by a JTSO Authorisation must be marked in accordance with the requirements in JAR-21N-O, and all additional marking requirements specified in the particular JTSO.

    Note: This subparagraph will be effective when Appendix O is implemented.

  4. Each part to be used as a replacement or modification part must be marked in accordance with JAR-21 Subpart N-Q. In addition, information concerning the model designation of the type certificated product for which the part is eligible for installation must be furnished.

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