Appendix 1 - Examples of changes that significantly affect the approved type design

The following changes are considered to significantly affect the type design approved by the Importing Authority:

  1. Significant changes to the cabin interior configuration;
  2. Modifications which would result in changes to the Importing Authority's Type Certificate Data Sheet;
  3. Modifications which would result in changes to the Limitations Section of the AFM.
  4. Modifications which result in aircraft configurations not addressed in the Importing Authority's accepted Flight Manual (including supplements);
  5. Modifications which results in changes to the Airworthiness Limitations of the Instructions For Continued Airworthiness;
  6. Modifications which have an impact on any Additional Technical Conditions prescribed by the Importing Authority;
  7. Modifications requiring (or affecting) Exemptions or Findings of Equivalent Safety; and
  8. Other modifications considered necessary by the manufacturer or the Exporting Authority.

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