Annex 1

Recognition of Maintenance Organizations

  1. The overseeing authority will ensure that the following criteria are met by each organization authorized to maintain products in accordance with this technical arrangement.
  2. Except as provided otherwise in accordance with paragraph 9 of this technical arrangement, the maintenance organization must be located within the territory of the overseeing authority. Organizations outside the territory of the overseeing authority may be accepted in specific cases by mutual consent of the two authorities.
  3. Work may be subcontracted by the maintenance organization to:
    3.1 organizations approved by the responsible authority; or
    3.2 organizations located within the territory of the overseeing authority and accepted by the responsible authority under the terms of this technical arrangement; or
    3.3 organizations located outside the territory of the overseeing authority, only where the organizations concerned are accepted via other technical arrangements entered into by the responsible authority, or are otherwise recognized by the responsible authority; or
    3.4 any organization, not addressed in 3.1, 3.2 or 3.3, provided that the maintenance organization responsible for issuing any of the certificates listed in paragraph 11 of the technical arrangement for the release of the work extends its quality system to that organization.
  4. The maintenance organization shall include in its Exposition or Maintenance Policy Manual, either within the body of the manual or by means of a suitable supplement:
    4.1 A statement signed by the current CEO or accountable executive directing that personnel of the organization must comply with the policies and procedures contained therein.
    4.2 Acknowledgement that failure to comply with the terms of this technical arrangement, or with the policies and procedures described in the company Exposition or Maintenance Policy Manual, may be grounds for suspension or cancellation of any privileges granted pursuant to this technical arrangement.
    4.3 Acknowledgement that the responsible authority may have access to the organization to confirm compliance with the requirements of this technical arrangement.
    4.4 Procedures to ensure that:
    1. any parts installed have been manufactured or maintained by organizations that are acceptable to the responsible authority.
    2. the owner or operator of the product being maintained has obtained the approval of the responsible authority in respect of any major modifications and repairs.
    3. maintenance is released in accordance with the regulations of the overseeing authority.
    4. Technical records are completed in accordance with the requirements of the responsible authority.
    5. in the case of products other than complete aircraft, maintenance is released using the authorized release certificate of the overseeing authority.
    6. any mandatory reportable conditions found in civil aeronautical products under the jurisdiction of the other Party are reported to the customer, who shall then report to the responsible authority in accordance with the applicable national requirements.
    7. where applicable, the authorized release certificate clearly states that maintenance performed is released in accordance with the Technical Agreement.
  5. Once the above criteria are met and have been approved by the overseeing authority, the overseeing authority shall notify the responsible authority of the approval and the scope of work that may be performed by the organization.
  6. Maintenance organizations accepted by the responsible authority under the terms of this technical arrangement shall implement a human factors training program for all technical employees performing work under this technical arrangement. The training shall be completed within one year of acceptance.
  7. The responsible authority shall establish a means of notifying potential clients of maintenance organizations approved under this technical arrangement of the identities of accepted maintenance organizations and the scope of their approval.
  8. Notwithstanding any of the foregoing, either party may revoke the privileges of an organization pursuant to this agreement, where the party finds that the organization is not maintaining the applicable standards or is otherwise not achieving the intent of this technical arrangement.

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