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Theoretical Curriculum Requirements of STD 566 - Appendix C

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Small and Large Aircraft Maintenance Training Standard

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Item STD 566 - Appendix C Part 2 Curriculum area Hours STD 566 - Appendix C, Part 2 - examples of Theoretical Training Objectives
1.0 General  
  • Identify the different classes of fires and suitable extinguishers
2.0 Hand Tools and Precision Instruments  
  • Tasks utilizing the proper selection and use of hand and power tools.
3.0 Metallurgy  
  • corrosion, NDT; inspection processes
4.0 Aircraft servicing  
  • Servicing systems; ground support equipment; storage/grooming
5.0 Approved parts  
  • hardware; MIL, NAS standards; traceability, requisitioning, quarantine and bonded stores.
6.0 Aerodynamics    
  Fixed wing aircraft Aerodynamics  
  • theory of flight, speed of sound, aerodynamic loads, and high speed flight
  Rotary wing aircraft  
  • theory of flight, coriolis effect, auto-rotational characteristics
  Fixed wing controls and rigging  
  • Mechanical/servo powered flight control system/components; Cables, fittings, Incidence, symmetry checks and adjustments
  Rotary wing controls and rigging  
  • drive train; gear installation, bearings and seals; flight control systems/rigging; Vibration; Landing gear systems; Rotor tracking/balancing; Inspection requirements;
7.0 Sheet metal  
  • structural/non-structural repair; special fasteners; scratch inspection; sealant.
8.0 Aircraft Structures  
  • Structural members; floats, hulls, skis, stabilizers, wings, engine mounts, cowlings and fuselages; sheet metal, composite, fabric, wood; inspection, repairs
9.0 Plastics & Composites  
  • Reinforcement fibers, matrix materials, core materials, composite safety, Inspection, damage assessment and repair
10.0 Windows & Lenses  
  • inspection, repair, servicing and installation, damage assessment, handling and storage
11.0 Piston Engines    
  • energy, work and horsepower; two stroke & Otto cycle
  Cooling & Lubrication of Engines  
  • engine cooling; lubricating oil; Lubrication systems
  Component parts of a Reciprocating Engine Assembly  
  • crankshaft, connecting rods, bearings, pistons, cylinders, accessory/ propeller gearing, valves and valve train, crankcase
  Carburetion Principles  
  • fuel and fuel/air metering systems; Carburetion, Induction system; turbocharger control systems.
  Ignition Systems  
  • engine ignition systems.
  Installing, Testing, Troubleshooting Engines  
  • Run-in procedures; testing and troubleshooting; engine inhibiting.
12.0 Turbine Engines    
  • operation; thrust/torque; noise suppression; turboshaft/prop/jet/fan engines; engine systems (fuel, lubrication, ignition, air, exhaust)
  Fuel & Control  
  • electronic & hydro-mechanical control, pneumatic control, governors, manifolds and nozzles, heaters, filters, system indication, flow pressure and temperature
  • low tension (glow plugs), high tension (capacitive discharge), auto re-light.
  • components; air turbine/electrical starters (motor and starter-generator); Inspection, servicing
  Engine Controls  
  • Rigging; Adjustments of fuel controls; FADEC systems
  • sump/scavenge/pressure pumps, oil filters, bearings, seals, pressure regulator, separators, coolers, jets; Contamination monitoring system; chip detectors, filters
  • thrust reverse,/vectoring systems
  • anti-ice/de-ice, bleed valves/air, case cooling/heating, control air, temperature and pressure regulation, filters
  Engine Indicating Systems  
  • speed/temperature/pressure indication, flow metering, fault detection, oil quantity/power/engine pressure ratio/torque/vibration indication/built in test equipment (BITE) systems
  Gear Box  
  • accessories; accessory drives, gear reduction systems, fault detection, chip detectors, filter attachment, torque measurement system, gear types
  Engine Water Injection  
  • water methanol injection systems.
  • Handling/safety precautions; trend monitoring, power checks; vibration analysis; engine start and shut down procedure; compressor wash; ground running
13.0 Propellers & Systems  
  • fixed/controllable pitch, constant speed; governors, synchronizers, feathering/ unfeathering/auto feather; reversing, indication: speed/torque sensing, blade angle; installation, maintenance, disassembly/reassembly
14.0 Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power  
  • Safety precautions; high pressure bottles/accumulators; fluid and system components; multiple and integrated systems; maintenance.
15.0 Pneumatics  
  • operation, components, maintenance and servicing: temperature regulation, pressure control, flow control, sources and common applications
16.0 Aircraft Plumbing  
  • standard fittings and hardware identification systems.
17.0 Landing Gear  
  • assemblies;retracion/anti-retraction; hydraulic/mechanical, emergency extension systems; Anti-skid systems; automatic/emergency braking systems; indicating systems; Mechanical and powered steering systems; air ground sensing systems.
18.0 Environmental Control Systems  
  • cabin pressure, pressurization, satey percautions, functional testing; heating, cooling, ventilation systems, oxygen systems
19.0 Fuel  
  • types, properties and additives; system configurations and component functions
20.0 Ice and Rain Protection  
  • ice detection systems; Anti-ice and de-ice systems; Rain repellent systems.
21.0 Emergency Systems  
  • emergency lighting systems; ELTs - Underwater Locating Devices (ULDs); inspecting, installing, testing; Flotation device types, inspection and servicing; Emergency breathing apparatus.
21.1 Fire Protection  
  • fire detection, suppression, extinguishing systems and safety precautions including installed and portable.
22.0 Electricity & Electrical/ Electronic Systems    
  Basic Electricity DC  
  • Magnetism/electromagnetism, induction, voltage, current, resistance; circuits, switches, relays, fuses, circuit breakers; capacitors, capacitance, diodes, transistors; DC motors and generators
  Basic Electricity AC  
  • current, capacitors, alternators; multimeters and oscilloscopes; inductors, inductance; transformers, capacitance; reactance, impedance, Resonant circuits; Voltage regulation, Inverters; Power conversion methods
  Electrical Systems  
  • symbols; circuits (control/protection): indication, monitoring, lighting; batteries; generators; alternators; constant speed drives, inverters; motors; synchros; test equipment, Wiring practices; Light & large electrical power distribution systems (single/multi engine).
  Aircraft Instrumentation  
  • VSI; vacuum pump system; Electrical flight, indicating instruments; installation/ marking, Testing; pitot/static instruments; Altimeters, Airspeed indicators, Air data computers (ADC); gyro instruments; navigation
  • antennas; transmitters, receivers; Digital, HF, VHF; Selcal, Interphone systems (flight / service / passenger entertainment); ELTs; Satellite communication; Flight Management, internal/radio navigation; DF, VOR, ILS, GPS, DME, ATC transponder, WX radar, radio altimeters, TCAS, GPWS; Video displays, EFIS, EICAS, FDR, CVR; installation practices, maintenance inspections, troubleshooting
  Data Bus & Logic  
  • analog/digital systems; digital data display; computer operations/functions; Aircraft digital, Air Data Computer, Flight Management, Thrust Management Systems; Systems testing and troubleshooting, Safety procedures.
  Auto Flight Systems  
  • single and multiaxis autopilot, yaw damper, flight director systems; speed command, stability augmentation systems, auto throttle, thrust management, VNAV
23.0 Maintenance Procedures  
  • Inspection and maintenance requirements - private and commercial aircraft
  • inspections: periodic, annual, progressive, approved maintenance schedules,
  • Weight and balance: jacking, leveling, weighing, installed equipment list
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