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Theoretical Curriculum Requirements of STD 566 - Appendix C

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Aircraft Structures Maintenance Training Standard

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Item STD 566 - Appendix C Part 2 Curriculum area Hours STD 566 - Appendix C, Part 2 - examples of Theoretical Training Objectives
3.0 Technical Information  
  • ATA System; Maintenance Manuals; Illustrated Parts Catalogs; SRM; MIL Spec; NAS; Service Bulletins; Shop records, work orders; Technical drawings; Aircraft hardware standards, Manufacturer's standards/specifications
4.0 General  
  • Shop mathematics; Basic physics; drafting standards; airrcraft drawings; Fastener codes; Schematic diagrams; Dimensions and tolerances
5.0 Aircraft Systems  
  • Fixed/rotary wing theory of flight; flight control systems; propulsion systems, Hydraulic and pneumatic systems; Landing gear systems; Environmental systems; Ice protection systems; Fire protection systems; Emergency systems
7.0 Airframe Structures & Designs  
  • Major assemblies - fixed/rotary wing; Truss type, Monocoque/semi-monocoque fuselage construction; Types/arrangements of landing gear; types of wing/rotor arrangements/construction
8.0 Structural Materials  
  • Ferrous/Non-ferrous metals; composites, composite materials; wood; aluminum/titanium alloys; Monel; Stainless/Chrome-molybdenum steel; Superalloys
9.0 Heat Treatment  
  • Solution/Precipitation heat treatment; Quenching; Natural/Artificial aging; Normalizing; Annealing; Hardening; Tempering
10.0 Corrosion Control  
  • Surface, Intergranular, Exfoliation, Stress, Dissimilar metal, Fretting, Magnesium corrosion; nickel/chrome plating processes; galvanizing; Metal cladding; Anodizing; removal methods; cleaning processes
11.0 Damage Assessment  
  • inspection; liquid penetrant, Magnetic, Radiography, Ultrasonic, Eddy-current testing; Infrared thermography
12.0 Sheet Metal Repairs  
  • methods, techniques, and practices; inspection methods; repair/replacement assessment; repair materials
13.0 Standard & Special Fasteners  
  • Standard aircraft screws, bolts, nuts, washers, locking devices, rivets ; Special aircraft, bolts, nuts, rivets ; Panel and cowling fasteners
14.0 Composite Repairs  
  • protection methods/devices; Fiber materials; Honeycomb/solid/foam core materials; Damage assessment methods; Repair/replacement evaluation; Manufacturer's specified repair methods; Pre-impregnated fabrics
15.0 Tubular Repairs  
  • methods, techniques, and practices; Inspection methods for internal corrosion; replacement materials; Repair or replacement evaluation
16.0 Wood Repairs  
  • methods, techniques, and practices; solid aircraft woods; aircraft plywoods; defects in aircraft woods; Limitations on spar repairs; Visual, Stress inspection procedures
17.0 Fabric Repairs  
  • fabrics and grades; re-covering components; coating materials (dopes); additives; solvents and thinners; retarders; rejuvenators; fabric deterioration/strength testing
18.0 Sheet Metal Fabrication  
  • Protection; Transfer of measurements; Lay-out procedures; Flat pattern lay-out; Templates; Drilling jigs and assembly fixtures
19.0 Composite Fabrication  
  • Master mould construction methods; Autoclave curing procedures; Curing steps and cycles; Mould removal methods
20.0 Fluid Lines & Conduits  
  • Fluid lines identification codes; Pressure, return, breather and drain lines; fluid lines - rigid/semi-rigid pipe and tubing materials; bend distortion limits; Standard threaded pipe and tube fittings; flaring angles
21.0 Thermoplastics  
  • materials; Inspection; Installation precautions; Repair or replacement; Storage and surface protection
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