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STD 566 Item (Refer to STD 566, Division II for specific regulatory requirements)
Information that should be included in TPM;
ATO TPM section Comments
10(1) Policy Manual (PM) (ie: TPM)

.. this document may be identified as a TPM or a TCM .and should include:

  • a title page (Company names (legal name and Doing Business As) Mailing Address, Geographical Address, Phone Number and Fax Number)
  • a table of Contents (listed by section, etc)
  • a List of Effective Pages (LEP)
  Certificate of Approval .. when received, a copy of the TC Certificate of Approval and Statement of Limitations should be incorporated    
  Scope of Approval .. a brief description of the organization, approximate size (number of employees); geographic location; and general layout & description of all facilities. A listing of Aircraft Type training provided (scope of approval) at all of the training facilities    
  Compliance Statement - Manual Certification .. the statement signed by the ATO's accountable manager (certificate holder) confirming that the TPM, and any incorporated documents, reflect the organization's means of compliance with the Regulations/ Standards.    

Organizational Chart

.. the chart must accurately reflect the current organization; and identify any all person that have responsibilities associated with the training program(s) - (ie: PRT, instructors, administration/record keeping personnel, etc)    

Amendment System

.. the LEP may be one method of determining the revision status of the PM and associated incorporated by reference documents .. the amendment system must also pertain to incorporated by reference documents    
10(2)(c) Course Instructor Listing

.. should include policy with respect to:

  • the appropriate number of instructors within the organization for the course (s) being taught
  • what type of instructors are used (ie: full time - part time)
  • hiring criteria - e.g. AME licensed or specialty instructors (if specialty instructors - then they are to be restricted to presentations in their respective discipline (e.g. engines, avionics etc.).
  • does the TPM include requirement for instructional techniques training

Professional Development Program

.. there should be refresher training program and a description of the cycle for this training - the program must be designed to allow for continuous updating (technical, instructional techniques, computer, administration, AMO, etc)..    
10(2)(e) Advisory Committee System .. the system must provide a mechanism to ensure that course performance objectives are current from an industry perspective and to satisfy industry needs for appropriately trained technical personnel. (Formal Advisory committee's are not required for type training however the type trainers must have a means to satisfy the intent of the preceding statement). .. the policy pertaining to this must include all requirements as stated in the regulatory standard    
10(2)(f) Quality System .. the quality system should include a mechanism to document and verify that the training being conducted meets the requirements of the regulatory standard (For basic training this would be provided via a Table of Concordance between the curriculum requirements of STD 566 and the ATO's training courses) .. the ATO must have defined Master Lesson Plans and Master Examinations in place to ensure standardization and continuity of training .. the system must provide for methods to validate the competency and currency of instructional staff - ie: instructor evaluation processes .. the record keeping system must ensure that appropriate records are retained to validate/verify the quality system .. the system must ensure that, should use of off-site facilities and/or training materials be utilized, there is a mechanism for quality oversight activities to be conducted and recorded    
10(2)(g) Person Responsible for Training . the PRT is the person who is responsible to ensure the overall integrity of the training program (this function is normally separated from the QA responsibilities)    
10(2)(h) Course Prerequisites

. the prerequisites must ensure that the student has the requirement knowledge and experience to assimilate the course material

.the ATO must also retain records to verify compliance with prerequisites
10(2)(i) Student Attendance Control System

. attendance must be taken & documented in a consistent manner

. there should also be policy / procedures in place regarding instructor's absence
10(2)(j) Examination Methods . the ATO must have "master" examinations in place . exam revision must follow an established amendment process and be documented . exams must be validated, prior to use, to establish/confirm weighting, quality/quantity, and relevance to curriculum subject matter; validation process must be documented . the TPM must identify who is responsible for the evaluation process    
10(2)(k) Examination Process Control .. there must be consistency of examinations (ie: master exams) . post examination reviews must be conducted & corrected to 100% . successful completion of examinations must occur within 1 year of program completion . passing grade is 70% or greater for each major subject matter area (ie: both T and P elements of each course module)    
10(2)(l) Record Keeping System . all records retained for 5 years . all records available to TC for audit purposes . records shall include: attendance; grades; quality records; lesson plan records; exam records; advisory committee records; instructor evaluations/training/PD; curriculum project lists; certificates; etc    
10(2)(m) Certificate Issuance Control System . policy/procedure for established control mechanisms . sample copy of certificates in TPM . a list of names and signatures of all individuals authorized to sign certificates, forms and letters - and a listing of historical names and signature of individuals authorized to sign certificates    
10(2)(n) Facilities Section . describing all facilities and support systems used for training . there must be a floor plan of the primary facility - and should also be floor plans for any secondary or satellite facilities . if secondary or satellite facilities used, the ATO must identify the Quality Review process for these locations    
10(2)(o) 10(6) 18(5) + (7) Training Material and Instructional Aids   . there must be a procedure in place for manuals not being maintained in an amended status (e.g. "Uncontrolled documents for Training Purposes Only") . describe the support for practical training requirements . describe the system in place to ensure no less than 5 percent "hands-on" training, in relation to the course duration, is provided - and what this training consists of . if the ATO utilizes equipment at external facilities to support their program, copies of letter of agreement/contract from the contracting organization, should be included in the TPM    
10(2)(p) Training Material Evaluation Procedure . there must be a procedure in place to ensure that training material is sufficient and capable of supporting training objectives    
566.   Sub-division C - Type Training    
18(1) Training Outline . the training outline must also include an overview of the program subjects matter & hours per module - and identify the 5% hand-on portions    
18(2) System description.. . the course curriculum must clearly identify how the requirements as stated in the regulatory standard are fulfilled    
18(3) Training content .. . the ATO must provide documentation that clearly establishes the linkage between the curriculum requirements of STD 566 and the type course curriculum being presented (eg: table of concordance)    
18(4) Supporting documents .. . documentation to support these requirements must be retained for a 5 year period    
18(5) Hands-on training .. . a policy statement pertaining to this requirement must be included in the TPM    
18(6) Support for practical training .. . a combination of equipment/methods can be utilized - the ATO's TPM must clearly identify what types will be used and how the required training will be accomplished on each    
18(7) Training materials - Instructional aids .. . master copies of the student manuals should be available for review and copies retained with the master lesson plans/curriculum    
18(9) Differences training .. . if the ATO provides differences training then the TPM must contain policy/procedure with respect to the type of training conducted    
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