Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions, MSI 57 - Appendix C

Appendix C - December 2003 amendment to the Canadian Aviation Regulations

CAR Part I

Section 101.01 Interpretation: the definition for "non-piloted aircraft" has been repealed and replaced by a new definition "unmanned air vehicle", also a new definition "Powered Parachute Aircraft" has been added.


Subsection 201.01(2) (a) Aircraft Identification Plates: the wording was changed in regards to where the aircraft identification plate is to be visible from. The identification plate is to be located on the aircraft structure, visible to a person on the ground or to a person at the main entrance or rearmost entrance door.

Subsection 201.01(4) (c) they added the wording "if applicable" to paragraph (c) of subsection (4)

(4) An aircraft identification plate attached to an aircraft shall have the following information permanently etched, engraved or stamped on it, namely,

(c) the type certificate number or equivalent designation, if applicable; and

Subpart 2 - Aircraft Marking and Registration
Division I - Aircraft Marks

Subsection 202.04(1) Removal or Change of Marks after Issuance of Continuing Registration: “no person shall remove the marks that are displayed on the aircraft unless”. This paragraph used to say; no person shall remove or change the marks unless. They have removed the words “or change” from this paragraph. Also some of the wording to some of the paragraphs applicable to this subsection has changed and some new paragraphs have been added. New subsections (2) & (3) have also been added to this section.

Division II - Aircraft Registration

Subsection 202.13(2) Registration of Aircraft General: Except as otherwise authorised pursuant to subsection 202.14(1), 202.42(3) or 202.43(1), no person shall operate an aircraft in Canada unless it is registered in Canada, in a contracting state or in a foreign state that has an agreement in force with Canada that allows an aircraft that is registered in that foreign state to be operated in Canada.

The reference to subsection 202.42(3) has been removed. The subsection 202.42(3) itself has been removed from this section.

STD Part V
Chapter 529

Airworthiness Manual Chapter 529 - Transport Category Rotorcraft, is now available on the Transport Canada Intranet/ Internet. The Standard has been re-formatted and revised. Please review the applicable changes online.

Chapter 537

Subsection 537.205 Aircraft Passenger Transportation Suit Systems, numerous changes have been added to this standard.

Subsection 537.207 Emergency Locator Transmitters, This new section contains standards of airworthiness for Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) equipment.


Section 705.81 Cargo and Baggage Compartment Fire Protection: After June 1, 2004, no person shall operate a transport category aeroplane in respect of which an initial type certificate was issued after January 1, 1958 unless each cargo or baggage compartment of the aero plane meets the requirements set out in section 725.81 of Standard 725 - Airline Operations - Aeroplanes of the Commercial Air Services Standards.

Standard 725

Section 725.81 Cargo and Baggage Compartment Fire Protection requirements: new standards for aircraft operating in Airline Operations.

No manual amendment and implementation period required for changes to Subparts 101, 201, 202, 529, 537 and 705

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