Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions, MSI 57 - Appendix D

Appendix D - March 2004 amendment to the Canadian Aviation Regulations

STD Part V

Standard 507 Appendix H (NPA 2003-295)

Additional aircraft types have been added to the list of aircraft eligible for a Special Certificate of Airworthiness – Owner-Maintenance as found in Appendix H of the Standard 507.

An Information note has been added following the list of eligible aircraft identified in Appendix H, establishing that before adding any new types and models of aircraft to the list, they shall meet the eligibility criteria of STD 507.03(6)(e).


Standard 625 Appendix A – Elementary Work, item (3) (NPA 2001-063) for aircraft operated pursuant to Subparts 406, 604 and Part VII of the CARs, a new elementary work task (q) has been added to allow 604 operators of business jets and smaller commercial aircraft to include tire pressure check and adjustment to allow for tires to be serviced by non-AMEs. 

(q) checking and adjusting tire pressures where the operating pressure is below 100 PSI, except on aircraft operated under Subparts 704 and 705 of the CARs.

Standard 625 Appendix A – Elementary Work, (NPA 2002-005) the issue of this NPA was to simplify the elementary work list. The present list is split into three sections, which is too rigid and creates redundancy. The present list has been consolidated into a single list, with appropriate restrictions on the size of aircraft and type of operation applied where necessary on individual items.

Standard 625 Appendix A – Elementary Work, (NPA 2002-102) the current reference to Section 605.94 in the third leadoff paragraph of Standard 625 Appendix A is not accurate. There may be instances where elementary work is not done to rectify a defect and does not occur during operational activities. The standard was amended to reflect reality and to allow the registration of the elementary work in the aircraft technical records other than the journey log.

No manual amendment and implementation period required for changes to Subparts 507 and 625.

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