Maintenance and Manufacturing Staff Instructions, MSI 57 - Appendix F

Appendix F - December 2004 amendment to the Canadian Aviation Regulations

CAR 104

Schedule IV – Personnel Licensing and Training, a different fee has been added todocument or take preparatory action, for the writing or rewriting of an examination for a flight crew license, depending on whether a Transport Canada employee does it or someone other then a TC employee does it.

AMA 500/00M

Airworthiness Manual Advisory Index -  All series 500 AMAs were cancelled and replaced by Advisory Circular’s. The current Airworthiness Manual Advisory (AMA) material for the series 500 AMAs, the Design Standards have been, as of December 1, 2004, renamed and reformatted as Advisory Circulars (AC). The conversion is strictly a format and number change while the contents remain unchanged.

STD 507

Appendix B – Application for a Flight Authority (form 24-0044)

Appendix H - Aircraft Eligible for a Special Certificate of Airworthiness - Owner-maintenance, the list of eligible aircraft has been amended to add more aircraft models.

Chapter 551

- Aircraft Equipment and Installation

551.100 (d) (1) (4) (i) & (ii) – the text to items (i) & (ii) have been amended.

551.400 (a) – the types and quantities of extinguishing agent required for hand held fire extinguishers is now listed in the information note contanied in this standard. The previous version made reference to AMA 500C/4A which has been cancelled.

551.406 (d) – the approval of seat belt and shoulder harness installation requirements have been amended. These installations are considered major modifications and are required to be approved using approved or specified data.

Standard 591 - Service Difficulty Reporting, this standard has been re-written in it’s intireity.

CAR 605

605.38(3) (b) – has been repealed, it used to allow a multi-engined turbo-jet aircraft over 5700 kg. Operated in IFR flight within controlled airspace over land and south of Lat. 66 30’ N to operate without an ELT.

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