Enforcement Action Summary - Corporate Offenders – November, 2014

“The following information is extracted from cases indicated closed on the Enforcement Management System (EMS) during the month of November, 2014.”


Weagamow Corporation.

Date: Count(s): Violation: Penalty: Location:
2012/07/18 1 CAR 703.98(3) $ 1250 Round Lake, Ontario

The company failed to ensure that qualified personnel were provided for its flight training program in accordance with the Commercial Air Service Standards.

Town of The Pas.

Date: Count(s): Violation: Penalty: Location:
2013/10/30 1 CAR 302.07(2) $ 5000 The Pas, Manitoba

The operator of an airport failed to inform the Minister, and cause to be received at the appropriate air traffic control unit or flight service station, immediate notice of the following circumstance of which the operator had knowledge; the existence of any obstruction or hazardous condition affecting aviation safety at or in the vicinity of the airport.

Bradley Air Services Limited (First Air).

Date: Count(s): Violation: Penalty: Location:
2014/02/11 1 CAR 705.02 $ 5000 Kugaaruk, Nunavut

The air operator operated an aircraft without complying with the conditions and operations specifications in the air operator certificate issued to that operator by the Minister pursuant to section 705.07. Specifically, the air operator failed to post “Carry-On Baggage Control” signage at every counter location and, a “Cabin Control Loading Device” was not displayed in the passenger queuing area.   

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