Enforcement Action Summary - Corporate Offenders - April 2015

“The following information is extracted from cases indicated closed on the Enforcement Management System (EMS) during the month of April 2015.”


Skylink Express Inc.

Date: Count(s): Violation: Penalty: Location:
2014-01-07 2 CAR 605.09(1) $ 5,250 Kamloops, British Columbia

The Company allowed a pilot to take-off in an aircraft subject to an MEL with unserviceable equipment without compliance with MEL specifications. Specifically, the aircraft was operated on two separate occasions into forecast icing conditions when the pilot’s side windshield heat was unserviceable.

Exact Air Inc.

Date: Count(s): Violation: Penalty: Location:
2014-07-23 1

CAR 602.86(1)

$ 2,750 Roberval, Quebec

The Company operated an aircraft with cargo on board when this cargo was not restrained so as to prevent it from shifting during movement of the aircraft either on the surface, during take-off, landing or in-flight turbulence.

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