Corporate Offenders


Civil Aviation publishes its Corporate Offenders List on this website to both serve as a deterrent and to increase public awareness and education concerning aviation safety.

The Corporate Offenders List will have the name of the corporation published on the website and consist of a brief description and summary of the contravention, along with the resulting sanctions.

Only infractions for which a corporate entity is responsible will be posted on the web site. This means that when penalties are laid only against an employee of a corporation, without parallel charges being laid against the corporation, the information will not be published on the Corporate Offenders List.

Corporate offender enforcement action summaries describe the circumstances related to contraventions committed for which a corporation will be sanctioned. They will be published in accordance with the following criteria:

  • When an alleged offender is served with a Notice of Monetary Penalty, or
  • When an alleged offender is served with a Notice of Suspension of a Canadian aviation document.

The information on this site will be updated monthly and will remain posted for a period of twelve months before being archived.




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