Enforcement Action Summary – March 2015

Region Date Violation Result
Quebec June 28, 2007 CAR 571.11(3)
CAR 571.11(3)

$1,000 monetary penalty
$1,000 monetary penalty

An aircraft maintenance engineer signed maintenance releases in respect to maintenance performed on an aircraft on two separate occasions when he did not have the authority to do so. The individual was sanctioned with a monetary penalty totalling $2,000.00.

Quebec May 5, 2014 CAR 602.41

$650 monetary penalty

An individual operated an unmanned aviation vehicle (UAV) in a commercial manner without obtaining a special flight operations certificate or an air operator certificate. The individual was sanctioned with a $650.00 monetary penalty.

Pacific Nov 16, 2014 CAR 602.01

14 days licence suspension

A private pilot operating a Piper Navajo aircraft conducted a low pass over a golf course and then proceeded to carry out an aerobatic maneuver. The pilot was sanctioned with a 14 days licence suspension.

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