Measures to improve Runway Safety

Measures to improve Runway Safety
To increase safety on runways and to reduce the risk of aircraft colliding with vehicles or other aircraft on the ground at Canadian airports, Transport Canada is taking a number of measures:

Regulations and Standards
Regulatory amendments that will address airside access and vehicle control are proceeding through the regulatory process. 

Education and Awareness
Transport Canada is revising guidance material on runway incursion prevention to reflect the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) recommendations.

Additionally, Transport Canada is actively promoting the deployment of runway guard lights. In April 2010, Transport Canada issued an Advisory Circular on Runway Guard Light Installation Criteria.

Several other Advisory Circulars have also been published to increase runway safety:

  • AC 700-029 - Prevention of Runway Incursion
  • AC 300-005 – Changes to Runway Surface Condition Reporting
  • AC 302-001 – Publication of the Level of Service with Respect to Departure Below RVR 2600 (½ Statute Mile)
  • AC 302-003 – Personnel and Equipment Within the Critical Portion of the Runway Strip;
  • AC 302-004 – Use of a Follow-me Vehicle Service to Support Reduced/Low Visibility Operations;
  • AC 302-006 – Publication of Special Reduced/Low Visibility Procedures in the appropriate Aeronautical Information Publication(s)
  • AC 302-008 – Maintenance of Runway and Taxiway Lighting Systems;
  • AC 700-007 – Airport Taxi-in/Taxi-out Requirements in Reduced/Low Visibility

Furthermore, Transport Canada is analyzing data from a study of runway incursions in Canada to expand its understanding of the issue.

Industry (domestic) Partnership
Transport Canada is participating in the industry led panel on runway incursion prevention.

International Collaboration
Transport Canada participates on the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) aerodromes design working group which deals with all aspects of runway safety.

Transport Canada partnered with ICAO to prepare the Manual on the Prevention of Runway Incursions. The manual provides global guidance on how States can implement or improve runway incursion. This program ensures global consistency of safe operations on the manoeuvring area.

Transport Canada also presented a Working Paper on runway safety at ICAO’s 37th General Assembly1, held in Montréal, Quebec, from September 28 to October 8, 2010. The paper addressed runway incursions, as well as runway excursions.

1The Assembly, composed of representatives from all Contracting States, is the sovereign body of ICAO. It meets every three years, reviewing in detail the work of the Organization and setting policy for the coming years.

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