Advisory Committees

Transport Canada has established a number of committees that advise the department in various ways, as outlined in their terms of reference. The following is a brief compilation of current Transport Canada advisory committees.

Minister's Advisory Committee on Accessible Transportation (ACAT)

ACAT advises the federal minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities on obstacles and emerging issues in the federal transportation system that affect accessibility for seniors and persons with disabilities. Its membership includes seniors, persons with disabilities and the federal passenger transportation industry.

Advisory Council on Railway Safety (ACRS)

ACRS provides a forum for the discussion of railway safety issues and the development and assessment of changes to the Railway Safety Act (RSA) regulatory framework. Members include representatives of railway company management and labour, as well as Transport Canada, the Railway Association of Canada, provinces, shippers, suppliers and municipalities.

Canadian Aviation Regulation Advisory Council (CARAC)

CARAC is a joint undertaking of government and the aviation community. Participation includes a large number of organizations outside Transport Canada, selected as representing the overall viewpoint of the aviation community. These include operators and manufacturers, with both management and labour represented, as well as professional associations and consumer groups.

Canadian Marine Advisory Council (CMAC)

CMAC is Transport Canada's national consultative body for marine matters.

The Federal-Provincial/Territorial TDG Task Force

The task force includes representatives from all provinces and territories. It is chaired by a provincial representative. Provinces have an important role in developing the text of the TDG Regulations because the Regulations are referenced in the statutes of each province and territory. Provinces are also responsible for delivering public protection services such as municipal firefighting and highway patrols.

The International Aviation Technical Committee (IATC)

IATC is a forum that develops the Canadian position on issues related to civil aviation safety in preparation for assemblies of the International Civil Aviation Organization.

National Recreational Boating Advisory Council (NRBAC)

NRBAC provides Transport Canada with advice on all matters related to the safety of recreational boaters, the safe operation of recreational boats, the safe and environmentally friendly use of recreational waterways and any other issue of interest.

Quebec Region - Regional Marine Advisory Council (RMAC)

Quebec Region Standing Committee on Fishing Vessel Safety

The Standing Committee provides a forum for discussion and information on all fishing vessel safety issues.

Regional Advisory Council (RAC) on Oil Spill Response

The RAC on Oil Spill Response consists of regional committees in which the parties involved in and/or affected by marine oil spills and the oil spill response regime can meet to identify, discuss and realize opportunities.

Quebec Region - Oil Spill Regional Advisory Council Quebec Region (OSRAC)

The Transportation of Dangerous Goods General Policy Advisory Council

The council provides Transport Canada with advice on all matters related to the transportation of dangerous goods. Members of the council represent the Canadian Association of Fire Chiefs, the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police, the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, labour unions and a variety of industry associations, including manufacturers, consignors, carriers and consignees. One seat is reserved for an environmentally oriented non-governmental organization.

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