Corporate Management and Reporting

Corporate Services publications gives a broad overview of Transport Canada's organization and priorities, and include corporate documents such as Corporate Planning and Reporting reports, Financial reports, Audit Reports, Evaluation Reports, and IM/IT Reports.

Corporate Planning and Reporting Reports

Program Alignment Architecture (PAA)

The Program Alignment Architecture is an inventory of all Transport Canada programs. It demonstrates the relationships between programs and how their expected results are organized to help achieve the department's strategic outcomes and mandate.

The PAA also provides a structure which shows how financial and non-financial performance information are associated. This structure is used in preparing annual reports to Parliament such as the Departmental Plan and the Departmental Results Report.

To view Transport Canada’s PAA, please consult the Departmental Plan and Departmental Results Report links below.

Departmental Plan (DP)

The Departmental Plan outlines the department's corporate direction including priorities, activities and associated resources for the next three fiscal years.

Departmental Performance Report (DRR)

The Departmental Results Report describes the department’s performance against the priorities and objectives as listed in the previous DP.

Financial Reports

Financial Statements

The Financial Statements account for the nature and extent of the departmental activities. The financial information included in the Departmental Performance Report is consistent with the financial statements. The Financial Statements are prepared by management using the Government's accounting policies, which are based on Canadian public sector accounting standards. Click here to consult the Financial Statements.

Quarterly Financial Reports

The Quarterly Financial Reports are prepared using a special purpose financial reporting framework designed to meet financial information needs with respect to the use of spending authorities. The Quarterly Financial Reports are prepared by management for the first three quarters of each fiscal year using an expenditure basis of accounting and in the form and manner prescribed by the Treasury Board. Click here to consult the Quarterly Financial Reports.

Future-oriented Financial Statements

The Future-oriented Financial Statements present forecast financial information on the basis of the government priorities and the plans of the department as described in the Departmental Plan. The Future-oriented Financial Statements are prepared by management using the Government's accounting policies, which are based on Canadian public sector accounting standards Click here to consult the Future-oriented Financial Statements.

Guide to Benefit-Cost Analysis (BCA) of Transportation Projects

The guide's focus is the benefit-cost analysis (BCA) of transportation projects. Practical guidance is provided on how to evaluate the economic merits of alternative expenditure proposals using BCA. Illustrative examples are included from Transport Canada projects. Where needed the guide discusses the rationale behind key elements of BCA.

Audit Reports

Internal Audit Reports

Consistent with the requirement to make information accessible to the public in both official languages, Transport Canada ensures that all internal audit reports are published on the Internet in the spirit of the Access to Information and Privacy Acts. The final reports have been approved by Transport Canada's Audit and Review Committee and include a management response and action plan. Click here to consult the Internal Audit Reports.

Evaluation Reports

Departmental Evaluation Reports

Covering a wide variety of transportation issues, our evaluation reports make recommendations intended to help the Government of Canada design and deliver programs and services that are accountable, focused on results, and meet the needs of Canadian citizens. Click here to consult the Departmental Evaluation reports.

IM/IT Reports

Transport Canada's IM/IT Environment 2011-2012

Transport Canada's mission is to develop and administer policies, regulations and services for a modern, efficient, reliable, safe and affordable transportation system essential to strengthening Canada's growth and prosperity. The department consists of groups working at headquarters in Ottawa and in five regions, as well as Transport Canada Service Centres. Click here to consult the Transport Canada's IM/IT Environment 2011-2012 Report.

IM/IT Strategic/Investment Plan FY 2009/10 – FY 2012/13 Vendor Version

With the rapid evolution of information and communication technologies, the advent of globalization, and a shift to a knowledge-based economy, information management (IM) and information technology (IT) are critical to helping the federal government and its departments achieve its delivery of programs and services to Canadians, communities of interest, and businesses.Click here to consult the Transport Canada Strategic Investmen Plan FY 2009-2010 - 2012-2013 Vendor Version.

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