Summary of the Annual Three-Year Plan on Transport Canada's Transfer Payment Programs - RPP 2009-2010

 Transport Canada's Departmental Plan for Transfer Payment Programs (TPPs)
Name of transfer payment program
(fiscal year TPP last approved)
Actuals for 2008-2009
(thousands of dollars)
Last evaluation or review Fiscal year of planned completion of next evaluation
Fiscal year of last completed evaluation Approved decision as a result of last evaluation
Grant to the Province of British Columbia in respect of the provision of ferry and coastal freight and passenger services (FY2005-2006) $26,294 2005-2006 Continuation 2010-2011
Transportation Association of Canada (FY2007-2008) $351 2005-2006 Continuation 2010-2011
Allowances to former employees of Newfoundland Railways, Steamships and Telecommunications Services transferred to Canadian National Railways (FY2005-2006) $605 N/A N/A N/A
Contribution for ferry and coastal passenger and freight services (FY2004-2005) $16,056 2003-2004 Continuation 2009-2010
Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP) - Intelligent Transportation System (FY2005-2006) $3,861 2006-2007 Continuation 2009-2010
Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP) - Highway Component - (FY2003-2004) $583 2006-2007 Termination 2009-2010
St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation joint observational study on the effects of ice-breaking in the St. Lawrence Seaway (FY2006-2007) $15 N/A N/A 2011-2012
Contribution program for operating, capital and start-up funding requirement for regional and remote passenger rail services (FY2005-2006) $16,514 2003-2004 Continuation 2009-2010
Contribution to the Regional Municipality of Durham for Long-Term Transit Strategy (FY2007-2008) $9 N/A N/A 2011-2012
Canadian Transportation Research Forum's scholarship program (FY2006-2007) $12 N/A N/A 2011-2012
Gateways and Border Crossings Fund (FY2009-2010) $4,246 N/A N/A 2011-2012
Contribution to the Province of British Columbia for the Lower Mainland Trucking Forum (FY2008-2009) $100 N/A N/A 2010-2011
Contribution to the Sauder School of Business to support the Asia Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative Research Consortium (FY2008-2009) $0 N/A N/A 2010-2011
Contribution to selected stakeholder groups in British Columbia to support a Regional Public Engagement Strategy (FY2008-2009) $0 N/A N/A 2010-2011
Contributions to Greater Vancouver Gateway Council (GVGC) and Western Transportation Advisory Council (WESTAC) (FY2007-2008) $140 N/A N/A 2010-2011
Northern Transportation Infrastructure Research and Development Project with the University of Laval (FY2007-2008) $35 N/A N/A 2011-2012
Security and Prosperity Partnership Partnership of North America (FY2009-2010) $0 N/A N/A 2014-2015
Contribution to the Supply Chain & Logistics Association of Canada (FY2008-2009) $10 N/A N/A 2010-2011
Grant to close grade crossings (FY2008-2009) $120 2008-2009 Continuation 2012-2013
Grant to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) - Cooperative Development of Operational Safety and Continuing Airworthiness Program (COSCAP) (FY 2005-2006) $130 N/A N/A 2009-2010
Contribution to the Railway Association of Canada for Operation Lifesaver (FY2004-2005) $250 2004-2005 Continuation 2009-2010
Contribution to the Provinces for the modernization of marine training simulators (FY2006-2007) $375 N/A N/A 2010-2011
Contribution in Support of boating safety (FY2008-2009) $0 2006-2007 Continuation 2012-2013
Payments to other government or international agencies for the operation and maintenance of airports, air navigation, and airways facilities (FY 2006-2007) $48 2005-2006 Continuation 2009-2010
Payments in support of crossing improvements approved under the Railway Safety Act (FY 2006-2007) $7,315 2005-2006 Continuation 2009-2010
National Safety Code (FY2008-2009) $4,344 2008-2009 Pending 2012-2013
Canada's National Road Safety Vision (FY2007-2008) $238 N/A N/A 2011-2012
Contribution to the Province of Quebec to maintain Marine Emergency Duties training in the Province of Quebec in the French language (FY2008-2009) $6,300 N/A N/A 2013-2014
Contribution to the Canadian Council of Motor Transport Administrators - Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance (CMVA) (FY2008-2009) $43 2008-2009 Continuation 2008-2009
Marine Security Contribution Program (FY2006-2007) $7,826 2006-2007 Continuation 2009-2010
Contribution to nav Canada to support security for the 2010 Winter Olympics (FY2008-2009) $6,600 N/A N/A 2009-2010
Passenger Rail and Urban Transit Security Contribution Program (FY2007-2008) $58,894 2007-2008 Continuation 2012-2013
Airport Policing Contribution Program (FY2008-2009) $14,216 N/A N/A 2012-2013
ecoauto Rebate Program (FY2007-2008) $119,864 N/A N/A 2009-2010
Contribution to the Province of Prince Edward Island for policing services in respect of Confederation Bridge (FY2007-2008) $255 2007-2008 Continuation 2012-2013
Newfoundland- Construct runways and related facilities in Labrador (Nain, Davis Inlet, Hopedale, Postville, Makkovik, Rigolet, Cartwright, Black Tickle, Charlottetown, Port Hope Simpson, Mary's Harbour, Fox Harbour and Williams Harbour) (FY2009-2010) $550 2007-2008 Continuation 2012-2013
Contributions for the operation of municipal and other airports: Original Program (FY2004-2005) $2,351 2008-2009 Continuation 2013-2014
Contribution to the Thompson Regional Airport Authority for the cost associated with the rehabilitation of runway 05/23 of the Thompson airport (FY2004-2005) $162 2003-2004 Continuation 2009-2010
Special Capital Contribution - Mont-Joli (FY 2004-2005) $390 N/A N/A 2009-2010
Contributions to provinces toward highway improvements to enhance overall efficiency and promote safety while encouraging, industrial development and tourism from a regional economic perspective: Outaouais Road Development Agreement (FY2005-2006) $7,340 2009-2010 Pending 2013-2014
Contribution to Halifax International Airport Authority Change name to Halifax Robert L. Stanfield International Airport (FY2007-2008) $50 N/A N/A N/A
Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Transportation Infrastructure Fund (FY2006-2007) $56,592 2008-2009 Continuation 2010-2011
Strategic Highway Infrastructure Program (SHIP) - Border Crossing - Planning Integration (FY2005-2006) $11,449 2006-2007 Continuation 2009-2010
Port Divestiture Fund (FY2007-2008) $384 2007-2008 Continuation 2012-2013
Contribution to the Gander International Airport Authority (GIAA) to provide interim financial support to sustain operations while long-term options are examined for the airport (FY2006-2007) $2,500 N/A N/A 2009-2010
Airports Capital Assistance Program (FY2004-2005) $51,062 2004-2005 Continuation 2009-2010
Moving on Sustainable Transportation (FY2007-2008) $469 2005-2006 Continuation 2010-2011
Action Plan 2000 for Climate Change – Urban Transportation Showcase (FY2006-2007) $7,969 2009-2010 Termination N/A
ecoTransport Strategy - ecoMobility Program (FY2006-2007) $225 N/A N/A 2009-2010
ecoTransport Strategy - Freight Technology Demonstration Fund (FY2006-2007) $2,075 N/A N/A 2009-2010
ecoTransport Strategy - Freight Technology Incentives (FY2006-2007) $2,175 N/A N/A 2009-2010
ecoTransport Strategy - Marine Shore Power Program (FY2006-2007) $1,330 N/A N/A 2009-2010
ecoTransport Strategy - National Harmonization Initiative for Trucking Industry (FY2006-2007) $0 N/A N/A 2009-2010
Payments to Canadian National Railway Company in respect of the termination of the collection of tolls on the Victoria Bridge, Montreal and for the rehabilitation work on the roadway portion of the Bridge (Statutory Transfer Payment) (FY2008-2009) $3,300 N/A N/A N/A
Northumberland Strait Crossing Subsidy Payment under the Northumberland Strait Crossing Act (Statutory Transfer Payment) (FY1999-2000) $56,066 N/A N/A N/A
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