Marine Transportation Security Clearance Reconsideration

Under the Marine Transportation Security Regulations, marine workers are required to obtain a security clearance from the Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities in order to access restricted areas or to carry out certain duties. On occasion, an application for a Transportation Security Clearance (referred to throughout this website as a "Clearance") is refused, even though the Clearance is required to perform the duties of the job. In other cases, a Clearance will be cancelled if a worker poses a threat to marine transportation security.

A marine worker whose Clearance is refused or cancelled may apply to have that decision reconsidered. In addition to applying to the Office of Reconsideration, workers may have other options available to them.

The reconsideration process offers an efficient way to have a Clearance refusal or cancellation reviewed. The length of time it takes to complete a review and make a recommendation to the Minister varies and the Office of Reconsideration aims to complete each review as quickly as possible.

Why apply to have the decision reconsidered?

Marine workers who have been refused or who have had their Clearances cancelled can apply to the Office of Reconsideration if they believe that Transport Canada's decision should be reviewed. Apply now.

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