What is the Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program?

The Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program enhances the security of the marine transportation system. The Program requires marine workers who perform certain duties or who have access to certain restricted areas to apply for a Security Clearance. By conducting detailed background checks on these workers, the Program aims to prevent unlawful interference with the marine transportation system for the benefit of passengers, marine workers and operators, and the Canadian public.

The Marine Transportation Security Clearance Program is an expansion of the Transportation Security Clearance Program, which has been in place at Canada's airports since 1985.

How the program works

Certain workers are required to apply for a Clearance because of the nature of their work. Details about the Program can be found in the Information package on the Marine Transportation Security Program.

Transport Canada conducts a series of background checks with the assistance of various organizations, including the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service and Citizenship and Immigration Canada. Following an assessment of an applicant's threat to marine security, the Minister decides whether or not to grant a Clearance.

Being refused for a Clearance

The Minister of Transport, Infrastructure and Communities may refuse to grant or cancel a Clearance if a worker is considered to pose a threat to marine security. In such cases, Transport Canada sends a Refusal or Cancellation Letter to that worker detailing the basis for the refusal or cancellation. The applicant has thirty (30) days from the date of receipt of Transport Canada's letter to submit a written application to the Office of Reconsideration.

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