How the reconsideration process works

Transport Canada sends a letter to persons whose Clearance has been refused or cancelled. Upon receipt of this letter, an applicant has thirty (30) days to contest the decision by submitting an application to the Office of Reconsideration. An applicant should address the reason(s) for the refusal by providing detailed information to help clarify the situation and by demonstrating that he or she does not pose a threat to the transportation system.

Applications for reconsideration are reviewed and evaluated by independent advisors. Advisors do not evaluate workers' initial Clearance applications, nor do they have any prior knowledge about the applications. Based on the advisor's report, the Office of Reconsideration makes a recommendation to the Minister, who will take one of the following courses of action:

  • Change his decision and grant the applicant a Clearance.
  • Confirm his initial decision, in which case an applicant would not receive a Clearance.
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