Status Report on Projects Operating with Specific Treasury Board Approval


and Project Phase
Original Estimated Total Cost Revised Estimated Total Cost Actual Total Cost 2014–15 Main Estimates 2014–15 Planned Spending 2014–15 Total authorities 2014–15 Actual Spending Expected Date of Close-Out
Program 1.2 Gateways and Corridors
Sub-program 1.2.2 Gateways and Border Crossings Fund
Gordie Howe International Bridge (formerly the Detroit River Crossing) - Project definition phaseFootnote 1 2,010,000,000 5,919,001,289 113,761,520 87,220,727 101,198,681 101,198,681 12,489,152 2020–21
Program 2.3 Environmental Stewardship of Transportation
Fort Nelson Airport Environmental Remediation - Project implementation stageFootnote 2 20,385,528 35,733,299 31,690,374 516,400 516,400 516,400 484,722 2015–16
Program 3.6 Aviation Security
Sub-program 3.6.1 Aviation Security Regulatory Framework
Sub-program 3.6.2 Aviation Security Oversight
Canadian Air Cargo Security Program – Final year 600,000,000 153,633,584 78,422,118 14,594,000 14,594,000 14,594,000 9,496,168 2014–15

Note: Dollar amounts exclude both the goods and services tax (GST) and the harmonized sales tax (HST).


Footnote 1

Employments Benefits Plan, accommodation and costs for the Canada Border Services Agency are included in the “Original Estimated Total Cost” and the “Revised Estimated Total Cost” columns only. These costs are excluded from the amounts indicated in the other columns.

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Footnote 2

Numbers exclude Goods and Services Tax and Employee Benefits Plan.

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