Upcoming Evaluations Over the Fiscal Year

Fiscal Year (of the Planned Date for Deputy Head Approval of the Evaluation Report) Title of the Evaluation Completion of Last Evaluation Link to department’s Program Inventory Planned Spending Associated with the Program(s) Evaluated (in dollars)
2017-18 Evaluation of Remote Passenger Rail Program 2010 Sub-Sub-Program Rail Passenger Stewardship and Support 12,145,586
2017-18 Evaluation of Safety Management Systems (SMS) in the context of Civil Aviation N/AFootnote 1 Program 3.1: Aviation Safety and all of its Sub- and Sub-Sub-Programs 71,121,568
2017-18 Evaluation of Operational Support Services N/A Sub-Program 3.9.3: Integrated Technical Training 1,421,100
2017-18 Evaluation of Oversight of Small Vessels 2010 Sub-Program 3.2.2: Marine Safety Oversight 5,907,161
2017-18 Evaluation of Emergency Response for Transportation of Dangerous Goods 2011 Sub-Program 3.5.3: Emergency Response for Transportation of Dangerous Goods 2,317,225
2017-18 Evaluation of Ballast Water Inspection Program N/A Sub-Program 2.2.2: Clean Water Regulatory Oversight 4,656,335
2017-18 Evaluation of Community Participation Funding Program N/A Program 2.2: Clean Water from Transportation 4,656,335

Link to TC evaluation reports: http://www.tc.gc.ca/eng/corporate-services/des-reports-150.htm

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