Prepared by: Brendon Hemily on behalf of ITS Canada

March 27, 2015


This research examined current global trends in transportation-related technological innovation, and assessed Canada’s position in the world. The study reviewed leaders in transportation-related innovations and technologies, including Australia, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States. It conducted an environmental scan of best practices based on publically accessible information and telephone interviews, and evaluated these global practices in three distinct areas: i) approaches to encourage and structure transportation technology research and development (R&D); ii) knowledge dissemination for better technology adoption; and iii) capacity building for professionals. The study highlighted the rapid evolution of transportation technology and its importance with respect to a country’s competitiveness. Irrespective of where R&D takes place, academic institutions, the private sector, or public agencies, the study identified the private sector as the primary stakeholder in developing technology and prescribed an environment that our government should create to spark innovation. The report recommends critical roles for the government, including development of enabling policies, encouragement in expanded R&D, adoption of new technologies, establishment of public-private partnership, and creation of incentives to stimulate private sector R&D investment.

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