Prepared by: PBX Engineering Ltd.

September 15, 2015


This technology research assessed the existing supply chain process in Canada, and reviewed global trends on emerging technologies to improve the reliability, efficiency, interoperability, and security of the supply chain system. The study focused on enabling technologies for containerized cargo in the marine, rail and truck modes, reviewed each stakeholder group’s main goals and challenges, and developed key performance indicators for each group. The study covered technologies related to freight tracking, border crossing, connected roadside and freight mobility applications. It identified three emerging themes with the greatest potential to impact supply chain operations: i) Improving the tracking and traceability of assets; ii) Enhancing the capability of transportation modes; and iii) Leveraging existing corridors for efficiency improvement. The final report captures the study findings under three separate sections. In the first section, the report provides insight on Big Data Analytics, Internet of Things and electronic container seals (e-seals) to improve tracking and traceability of assets. In the second section, the report summarizes the current and emerging trends on autonomous vehicles and truck platooning to enhance transportation operations. In the third section, the report presents a few current examples using intelligent transportation systems (ITS) and smart corridors to leverage existing corridors to improve efficiency.

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