Prepared by: Van Horne Institute and PROLOG Canada Inc.

July 31, 2015


This research addresses the question: what are the barriers associated with the transportation of over-dimensional equipment required for the production of oil resources in Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan that would preclude Eastern Canadian manufacturers who may have the capacity and the expertise to build these modules? The Van Horne Institute and PROLOG Canada study provides a high level overview to identify the current capabilities for over-dimensional highway movements from province to province and highlights the legislative, regulatory and infrastructure differences that exist extra-provincially in Canada that make cross country moves of modules and over dimensional loads extremely challenging, if not impossible. The report concludes that the virtual nonexistence of Central and Eastern Canadian manufacturers in major resource project markets in Western Canada is the end result of the chronic and inconsistent system of vehicle size and weights standards for ODF highway shipments between Canadian provinces, and permitting procedures in each jurisdiction. A number of recommendations are provided to guide the development of a more fluid corridor for the shipment of such goods across Canada.

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