Frequently Asked Questions

Since Transport Canada activities cover a broad range of topics, programs and services, it is no surprise that we receive hundreds of requests for information every day. For quick access to our answers to frequently asked questions by category, follow the links on this page.

Here you will find questions and responses of a general nature about the department.

What is Transport Canada?

Transport Canada is the federal department responsible for most of the transportation policies, programs and goals of the Government of Canada. We work to provide Canadians with a safe, secure and efficient transportation system that protects the environment.

For more information, please read:

How can I contact the department? 

You can contact us by e-mail, mail or telephone.

Where are Transport Canada's offices located? 

You can find the addresses and contact information for our national headquarters, the five regional offices and the more than 50 Transport Canada Centres on our offices page.

What is the official name of the department? 

Transport Canada is the commonly used name for the Department of Transport.

It was created in 1936 by the Department of Transport Act, which brought together into one department the Department of Railways and Canals, the Department of Marine and the Civil Aviation Branch of the Department of National Defence.

Who is the Minister of Transport?

The Honourable Marc Garneau. He was appointed by the Prime Minister on November 4, 2015. You can reach his office by telephone at 613-991-0700, by fax at 613-995-0327 or by email.

Who is the Deputy Minister of Transport? 

Michael Keenan. He was appointed by the Clerk of the Privy Council on March 14, 2016. You can reach his office by telephone at 613-990-7127 or by fax at 613-991-0851.

How is Transport Canada structured? 

The department is made up of program and support groups working at headquarters in Ottawa and in locations across Canada. The headquarters groups include:

Transport Canada's five regions - Pacific, Prairie and Northern, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic - are each headed by a regional director general who is responsible for delivering transportation programs and services in his or her region.

Who are the senior departmental officials and regional directors general of Transport Canada?

You can search for information on our programs and services by viewing our organizational chart.

How many people are employed in the department? 

Transport Canada employs nearly 5,550 people across the country.

What jobs are available at Transport Canada and where can I find information on applying for these jobs? 

Transport Canada offers many different jobs and career opportunities. They are all announced through the Public Service Commission of Canada. Visit Careers in the federal public service, then follow the easy instructions that will help you apply for these positions.

If you are interested in positions such as inspector or aircraft certification specialist that require certain technical expertise, please visit our Employment opportunities site.

If you are a student interested in post-secondary cooperative education and internship programs at Transport Canada, please visit the Co-op/Internship Programs page on the Public Service Commission of Canada Web site.

Does Transport Canada have a research and development program? 

Yes. The Transportation Development Centre (TDC) is Transport Canada's research arm. Working closely with contractors, TDC staff members:

  • manage the technical aspects of each project;
  • control finances; and
  • evaluate progress.

To learn more, call 613-990-5437.

Who is responsible for accident investigations? 

The Transportation Safety Board of Canada conducts independent investigations and, if needed, public inquiries into air, marine, rail and pipeline accidents, to find what caused them. To learn more, call 613-994-3741.

Local or provincial police forces investigate motor vehicle accidents on public roads, as well as accidents that involve off-road vehicles. Transport Canada's Road Safety and Motor Vehicle Regulation Directorate contracts teams of specialists based at universities across Canada to investigate selected samples of motor vehicle accidents each year, to help develop and evaluate safety standards.

To learn more, call 819-994-3328.

Who is responsible for transportation-related complaints? 

Contact the Canadian Transportation Agency with complaints about air carriers, railways, shippers and accessible transportation.

To learn more, call 1-888-222-2592 or by e-mail at

How can I get Transport Canada publications? 

Visit the publications section.

Where can I find old Transport Canada records? 

Library and Archives Canada holds all government records of national interest and provides expert reference services. For more information, call 613-995-5138.

Where can I get maps of Canada? 

You can buy Canadian maps from your local bookstore. Geological Survey of Canada maps are also available from bookstores across the country. For more information, call 613-995-4342.

May I copy Transport Canada videos? 

Not without written permission. For more information, visit the copyright/permission to reproduce notices section.

Can we exchange links? 

No. A link from our site to yours could be seen as an endorsement by Transport Canada of your products or services that could give you an unfair advantage in the marketplace.

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