Transportation 2030 - A Strategic Plan for the Future of Transportation in Canada: The Traveller

From Transport Canada

What Canadians told us:

  • they want lower cost for air travel in Canada to provide more opportunities for leisure and business travel and to make it more attractive to come to Canada
  • they look for long-term sustainable competition which would allow for the introduction of additional air services that would improve air connectivity and create more choice
  • they require more efficient processing at border and security checkpoints, with less waiting for service
  • persons with disabilities are left out of our transport system. Greater accessibility could increase traffic by allowing more people to travel
  • As competition increases and air carriers look for ways to reduce prices, Canadians want a more consistent, transparent and rigorous approach to consumer protection

Our goal:

  • Provide greater choice, better service, lower costs, and new rights for travellers.

Where we go from here:

  • work with industry to implement clear and fair consumer protection rules for air travellers, while not imposing undue cost burdens on the air sector and on travellers
  • change the rules on international ownership for Canadian air carriers to encourage more competition in the air transport sector while ensuring that safeguards are in place to mitigate any associated risks
  • implement new publically accountable service standards and increase efficiency to limit the amount of time travellers wait in airport security checkpoints for screening by the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA)
  • work with other federal departments to make the transportation system more accessible for persons with disabilities. This will improve transportation choices for consumers
  • look at the potential for high frequency rail in the Quebec City Windsor corridor, as an option for reliable, more rapid inter-city passenger rail service
  • make sure our actions support work on government priorities, such as Canada’s progressive trade and investment plan, a federal tourism strategy, and planned accessibility legislation
  • be investing $62 million in electric car charging and low-emission fueling stations.

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