Transportation 2030 - A Strategic Plan for the Future of Transportation in Canada: Waterways, Coasts and the North

From Transport Canada

What Canadians told us:

  • Make marine transportation safer and more competitive. Identify opportunities to use existing port capacity and short-sea shipping.
  • Harmonize regulations, examine governance structures and financial frameworks for Canada Port Authorities and other federally regulated marine organizations. Take advantage of new marine innovations to support an improved marine system.
  • Have government, industry, Indigenous groups and communities work together to develop a successful approach to shipping, coastal environmental protection and ports’ competitiveness.
  • Work on the infrastructure deficit in the North, as it affects both economic opportunities and transportation safety, especially in the face of climate change and extreme weather challenges.
  • Work closely with the Territories and Indigenous groups to develop a long-term northern transportation infrastructure strategy that responds to both the unique needs of its communities and to its geography.

Our goal:

  • Build world-leading marine corridors that are competitive, safe and environmentally sustainable, and enhance northern transportation infrastructure.

Where we go from here:

  • continue working on the Government’s promised moratorium on tanker traffic on the northern coast of British Columbia and stronger protection for our coastlines and coastal areas
  • work with territorial governments, Indigenous people, and communities in the North to address their basic transportation infrastructure needs and adapt the transportation system to a changing climate
  • look at ways to realize the full economic potential of our coast and waterways over the long-term, including the Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Seaway system
  • develop a long-term strategy to address the problem of abandoned vessels and wrecks
  • make sure our actions support work on government priorities, such as trade and transportation investment under the Phase 2 Infrastructure Plan, a pan-Canadian framework on clean growth and climate change, and protect our sensitive coastal areas

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