Innovation Policy

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Innovation Policy and Transportation

The Government of Canada sees innovation as a way to improve competitiveness and productivity. Transport Canada is well placed to advance innovative best practices, improve technology applications and increase sector research capacity to improve competitiveness and productivity in all modes of transportation.

We believe that innovation is key to addressing transportation challenges such as: aging infrastructure, traffic congestion, volatile energy prices, environmental concerns, climate change impacts and changing demographics.

Innovation Policy is a branch of Transport Canada’s Strategic Policy and Innovation Directorate with a focus on transportation innovation, accessibility, and transportation in the North. We:

  • monitor developments, trends and initiatives;
  • provide policy advice;
  • research and analyze issues facing the sector; and
  • help develop policy frameworks aligned to Transport Canada’s strategic objectives and the federal government’s priorities for innovation.

To support transportation innovation, we:

  • establish and encourage research and technology partnerships with industry, academia, other federal departments and other governments;
  • share research, knowledge and intelligence; and
  • encourage skills capacity for an increasingly knowledge-based economy.

To increase accessibility, we:

  • support technologies, strategies and policies that help persons with disabilities, seniors and other citizens with unique needs to access the national transportation network without undue obstacles.

To improve Northern/Arctic transportation, we:

  • coordinate relevant Transport Canada’s policies and strategies;
  • support research, development and technology activities;
  • consult with stakeholders;
  • conduct gap analyses;
  • address the needs for northern capacity-building and skills development; and
  • develop common research priorities with the territorial governments and provinces with northern transportation challenges, with a view towards sustainability and adaptation in northern transportation.
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